Game (Unity3D)

Lead Engineer and Lead Designer

Team of 35 volunteers

September 2017 - [Ongoing]

[In Progress]

Lead engineer and lead designer in a long-term game project for the University of Southern California's "Advanced Game Project" module. Long-term project involving 35 volunteers, with commercial goals.

A game set in an underwater environment with a destructive

core mechanic and responsive narrative.



for more information about the game.

Responsibilities include:


  • Directing team of engineers.

  • Core gameplay interactions.

  • Core back-end hierarchies.

  • Constructing custom controller and state machines.

  • Core mechanic implementation: intuitive "punch" mechanic with varying responses from targets.

  • Vertex, geometry and surface shader animations for destruction vfx, "shrimp vision" highlighting system and static fish mesh animations.

  • "Puzzle" system custom physics.


  • Leading design of all core aspects of the game mechanics, environment, levels, puzzles and story.