Game Engine Feature:

Particle Systems


Team of 2 engineers

November 2016

A new feature in a very low-level and feature-poor C++ engine ("Prime Engine").

Highly customisable particle systems, with a focus on versatility.

Customisable features supported include:


  • Lifetime*

  • Initial size*

  • Initial speed*

  • Initial direction*

  • Initial rotation*

  • Initial angular velocity*

  • Changing size/speed/rotation over lifetime*

  • Changing rotation to match direction of travel


  • Texture flipbook animation

  • Alpha blended shaders

  • Simple collision physics

  • Subsystems (trails, on collision or on death)

  • External forces (gravity, attraction, repulsion, turbulence)

*  -Can be allocated randomly for each particle between two boundaries (vector3, float or int).

Max particles c.a. 20 000.

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